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I hereby declare that the information provided in this application is true and correct



You have selected to loan an amount of R2600, the total that we can lend for your goods is R2600

Note should your item(s) value match your loan amount request of R………… your initiation fee will be R445 (inclusive of vat), service fee will be R 0 (inclusive of vat) and the interest for the maximum period of 30 days will be R124.

The interest and initiation fee charges are payable at the end of your 30 day contract when you collect your goods. Your repayment amount is inclusive of the Capital Debt, Interest, Initiation Fee and VAT.

You have selected as your drop off point. Once you have received confirmation you can visit the store with your goods to complete the pawn transaction.

Please accept the Terms and Conditions below before clicking on complete. You will recieve an email with information on how to proceed.

Terms and Conditions

PLEDGE: The Pledgor hereby pledges (buybacks) the goods described in the schedule above to the Pledgee to be kept in possession by Pledgee as security for payment to the Pledgee by the Pledgor for the‘Capital Debt’ lent and advanced to the Pledgor by the Pledgee.

DECLARATION BY PLEDGOR: The Pledgor hereby declares that he/she is the sole legal owner of the goods pledged; that the goods are freehold (fully paid for); that there are no claims against the goods pledged from any person or institution; that their are no claims regarding ownership or pawn rights; that the goods are not subject to any lease, hire purchase or credit agreement and that he/she is legally authorized to pledge the goods; that the information declared is true and correct and he/she is aware that this agreement is void of contract if any false or fraudulent declaration is made in this agreement, either about the particulars of the item(s) or the individual, as well as false declarations about the condition of the item(s) pledged.

All goods must be unencumbered e.g. cell phones still within a 24 month contract period are not accepted, any goods bought with Hire Purchase must be fully paid up before they can be used as security on a 30-day buy back loan.

* You must be the rightful owner of the goods and proof of ownership can be requested.
* You must be over the age of 21 years to transact in our buy shops.
* Cell Phones and Tablets must include original accessories i.e. chargers.
* All passwords on electronic goods must be provided to the store.
* Laptops must include original software.
* Your loan value is only guaranteed after a final in-store assessment by a fully trained buyer.

Buy Back contract conditions:

INTEREST: The Pledgor shall pay interest/Nominal Annual Rate of Total Charge of Credit on the ‘Capital Debt’ at the rate stipulated above. The Pledgor will pay only a pro-rata share of the interest for the time the Pledgor has had the money.

DEFAULT: In the event of the Pledgor’s failure or neglect to pay the ‘Capital Debt’ and the ‘Total Charge of Credit’ on the expiry date, the Pledgor irrevocably authorizes the Pledgee to act as his agent with full authority to sell the goods pledged, without recourse to the law, at his/her discretion and by any means the Pledgee deems appropriate and to supply the proceeds of such sale towards settlement of the Pledgor’s indebtedness to the Pledgee, including any cost. Any shortfall or surplus of such sale will accrue to the Pledgee.

PRE-AGREEMENT DISCLOSURE: You may elect to delay signing this contract by five(5) business days, to consider the proposed pawn-broking agreement and if you elect to enter into this agreement with the Pledgee, the agreement should be concluded at or below the interest rate and costs initially quoted. You have the right to enter into the pawn-broking agreement at any stage prior the lapse of the five (5) day period.

INDEMNITY: The Pledgee shall in the event of any loss or damage to the pledged goods that may arise as a result of fire; theft; disaster; Acts of God or any event beyond the control of the Pledgee, shall compensate the Pledgor to the sum of fair market value less the settlement value at the time of failure to deliver property. The fair market value is defined as what the store could sell the item for at the time of loss.

ACCEPTANCE OF VALUATION OF GOODS: The Pledgor hereby accepts the valuation of the goods pledged in good faith as disclosed in the schedule above.

WHOLE AGREEMENT: Subject to all further rights the Pledgor and the Pledgee as may be determined in law, these written terms are the full and complete agreement between the Pledgor and the Pledgee and there are no additional unspoken or implied terms or conditions.

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